V4 & Rotary SPL & Sounds Alive Sound Off South Island Champs Nov 2015 Update

Well its that time again, time for the V4 & Rotary SPL & Sounds Alive Sound Off South Island Champs Nov 2015 Update! Well again Nelson turned on a great day and a big thank you to for everyone supporting us at South Island’s dB Drag SPL & Sounds Alive Event!


Last years event was the biggest event I have attended, and I enjoyed it due to the people, the sunny Nelson location and also the fact we got to demo most of the day. This year round it is good to see more newcomers entering the events and taking part of the fun that is dB Drag. In the end of the day it is about two things, having fun and seeing how many dB’s you can squeeze out of your Car Audio Setup!


The highlights of the day were Dave Moore getting a modest 147.5db and not far behind, Tim Ryan getting a 146.4db in his custom Honda and also Paul Bowe’s Ford laser which always turns heads when its stealth install opens up to reveal the true nature of the car, but the biggest highlight of the day was the massive support from all the locals turning up to take part in the Sound Off!


Oh, and another first we brought down the DD Audio Z21″ Subwoofer


and the DD Audio Z2b Amplifier both the only ones in NZ.


Here’s the results of the day…

Kiwi Class

Mark Horn                               139.6db

Jared Silcock                          134.5db

Bert Newcombe                      133.6db

Matt Howell                             131.7db

Lee Rutherford                        131.3db

Leejordon Nuttall                     128.6db

Fangadan Clements               121.5db

Kiwi Pro Class

Paul Bowe                               141.5db

Kiwi Expert Class

Tim Ryan                                146.4db

Kiwi Show Class

Marcus Hall                             131.7db

Nathan Schroeder                  130.3db

Rhys Birrell                             128.3db

Kiwi Extreme Wall Class

Dave Moore                            147.5db

Sounds Alive Class

Dave Moore                            145.5db

Tim Ryan                                145.0db

Paul Bowe                               139.1db

Mark Horn                               137.9db

Jared Silcock                          133.1db

Bert Newcombe                      132.9db

Lee Rutherford                        132.5db

Matt Howell                             130.8db

Leejordon Nuttall                     125.9db

Fangadan Clements               118.5db

Extreme Bass Battle NZ Class

Dave Moore                            145.2db

Tim Ryan                                144.8db

Paul Bowe                               137.5db

Mark Horn                               135.5db

Jared Silcock                          131.4db

Lee Rutherford                        130.3db

Bert Newcombe                      130.1db

Matt Howell                             128.6db

Leejordon Nuttall                     125.9db

Fangadan Clements               119.1db

Extreme Bassheads NZ Class

Dave Moore                            141.5db

Tim Ryan                                140.8db

Paul Bowe                               132.7db

Lee Rutherford                        128.5db

Jared Silcock                          127.5db

Mark Horn                               126.2db

Bert Newcombe                      125.3db

Matt Howell                             123.2db

Leejordon Nuttall                     115.1db

Fangadan Clements               109.9db

A big congratulations to all the winners and all the competitors who entered on the day and hope to see you all again next year…


Major Sponsor:


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Also a big thank you to Aaron for helping me run the event and V4 & Rotary Promotions for continuing to support the scene.

Ashley Madd Bass Burrell

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