Uniden VS2600XR 5 Star Car Alarm Review

RF Remote – Controlled Vehicle Security System

Standards Compliant

This alarm is designed to meet AS/NZ3749 the highest level of vehicle security available. All major insurance companies accept this standard.

Dual Automatic Immobiliser

The Engine will be automatically immobilised by 2 independent circuits even if you forget to turn on the alarm.

Black Wiring and Security Housing

All immobiliser and security function wires are black and a security housing encloses the connectors. This makes its virtually impossible for the thief to defeat the alarm by identifying the wires or unplugging the alarm.

Battery Back Up Siren

Ensures continuous protection by allowing the siren to sound even if a thief disconnects the power to your alarm

Additional Features:

  • Active arming & locking
  • Auto re-arm
  • Bonnet & boot protection
  • Starter sensing
  • Fail-safe arming
  • 3-Year extended warranty when installed by an authorised installer
  • Ignition controlled door lock
  • Open door protection
  • Pre-intrusion glass warning
  • Security housing
  • Ultra high security – quintillion codes
  • Boot release output
  • Central locking output
  • Manual override switch

Overall This is a good product for what you pay for! The Uniden VS2600XR 5 Star Alarm has been around for over 10 years, is tried and true and we have installed numerous of these into customers cars over the years!

In the end of the day not everyone can afford to spend the earth on an alarm. If you are looking for a robust car alarm and a company that has been in the vehicle security business for over 20 years, then this could be a good option for you!

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