AVS-RSABKITv2 Product Review

Reversing safely with our most popular camera and monitor solution


There’s a big range of after market reversing aids out in the market today so if you’re trying to decide why not have a look at our most popular camera and monitor from AVS. In fact so many people are going with this combination that we’ve put the two together as the RSABKITv2 at the sharp price of $399 plus install for the complete system.


The RSABKITv2 includes an AVS 3.5” LCD rear view mirror monitor and a robust AVS waterproof colour bracket camera.


One of the reasons this combination is so successful is that minimal invasive installation is required. The rear view mirror monitor simply clips over your existing rear view mirror rather than having another screen on the dash. And the bracket camera installs neatly above the numberplate.


Both the mirror and monitor are functional and effective. The waterproof colour camera has night view vision so you still see a picture in the dark. And the monitor works as a normal rear view mirror until the car is put in reverse gear when it will automatically switch to display the camera image.


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