HF-TFT1020D Product Review

For In-Car Entertainment nothing beats having a DVD player installed in your car, the only downside to this that it can be quite distracting for the driver. The Specman HF-TFT1020D has a simple solution to this, IR Wireless Head-Phones!

Not only does the HF-TFT1020D come with two sets of Head-Phones but it can also utilise up to six sets!

And for all the gamers out there it has two Video Inputs so you can play your Xbox360 or Ps3 on this DVD Player/Monitor, of course you would have to install your gaming console into your car but it would be well worth it!

You can also have the option of installing a TV Tuner into the unit too so that you don’t have to miss out on watching your favourite program while on the road (Not while your driving tho).


Screen Type: Flip-down TFT LCD Monitor

Screen Size: 10.2 Inches (16:9)

Resolution (W x H): 800×600

System: PAL/NTSC

Supply Voltage: 12V DC

Inputs: 2 Video Inputs

USB input

SD Slot

Built-in TV Tuner (Optional)

Built-in IR Transmitter (Optional)

To summarise this unit it is great for entertaining yourself while taking a break on a long road-trip, keeping the kids/friends entertained on a commute or even sneaking in a game on the Xbox360/PS3 on a lunch break at work.

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