Sony XAV-72BT Product Review

The Sony XAV-72BT is a great In-Car Entertainment System with beautiful video quality and absolutely amazing sound quality!

The 7″ Touch-Screen with its large touch buttons makes it a breeze to use/navigate its menus and options.

Another cool feature is its gesture commands that allows the user to control the unit with a command stroke on the display, which I found to be quite useful. Soon after using the gestures I found it very easy to change songs/albums without even looking at the unit while driving!

The Bluetooth on the XAV-72BT also impressed me with its hands-free/audio-streaming which worked without any hiccups or cutting out once during the time I used it. I also liked the fact I could jump out of the car at a shop with my phone in my pocket, get back in and continue playing my music via Bluetooth like I never even left the vehicle.

It was also handy that it shows the battery level of your Bluetooth device, that might seem a bit gimmicky but I found it useful considering my phone stay’s in my pocket most of the time in-car and I usually find that I’ve missed important calls due to having a flat battery from not paying attention to battery levels.


7.0 inch TFT Active Monitor
17:9 Monitor Aspect Ratio
S-MOSFET Output Power: 52W x 4
Pre Out: 4.1 Ch
SensMe ZAPPIN;/USB/ Bluetooth functions
PAL / NTSC / SECAM / PAL-M automatic select



Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 178 x 100 x 189mm
Mounting Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 182 x 111 x 164mm
Weight (kg) Approx. 2.5kg


LCD Type TFT Active Matrix
Screen Aspect 17:9
Contrast Ratio 850
Screen Diagonal (Inch/cm) 7.0″
Screen Size (W x H) (mm) 157.2 x 82.32mm
Resolution: Number of Picture Segment 800 x 480
Colour System PAL / NTSC / SECAM / PAL-M automatic select
Brightness (cd/m) 950


Preset FM18 / AM12
Best Tuning Memory (BTM)
CD Playback CD-R/RW, MP3 (with ID3Tag v.2.4), WMA, AAC


S-MOSFET Output Power 52W x 4
Pre Out 4.1ch
Sub Out
EQ7 7-Band Equalizer

Overall its a very cool unit with a nice sized touch-screen, easy to use large touch buttons. Very cool features including ZAPPIN, Gesture Commands, USB, Bluetooth, Reversing camera inputs and 3 4v Pre-outs!

I could see myself being very happy using this unit on a daily basis and found that I didn’t want to give this unit back after the week I had use of it!

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