AVS-3010CDL Product Review

AVS waterproof remotes with keyless entry only $250

One of the major benefits of having an alarm installed is remote central locking. Simply walk up to the car, click your remote, and the doors of the car unlock. Magic if you’re juggling the kids, laptops, shopping etc, often all at the same time.


But did you know even if you’re not in the market for an alarm system we can fit remote central locking?


The AVS offering in this category is the excellent AVS Keyless Entry system. It comes with two waterproof AVS remotes that are easy to use and yes, actually waterproof (if you haven’t heard about these remotes check out the You Tube video). Plus they’re only $250 installed*.


It’s hard to find decent, hard-wearing, easy to use remote central lock systems, especially at an affordable price point. We choose to fit the AVS Keyless Entry system because it uses the same remotes and components as the AVS 3010 alarm range (it’s not a cheap one off remote central locking model), it has a proven track record of reliability and includes the AVS 3-year product warranty. You can’t do better than that.


If you’d like to know more about keyless entry give us a call. It’s a super affordable option that makes life that little bit easier.


And if this has got you thinking about an alarm for your car check out the AVS 3010+ fully featured alarm at the excellent Abtec price of only $399 installed*.


* Some cars require additional parts such as door motors.

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