AVS-RS620E Product Review

The AVS-RS620E Reversing sensors are great for every vehicle

Most new cars now have reversing sensors fitted as standard because they go such as long way towards improving visibility and safety around the vehicle. And the good news is reversing sensors can be also fitted as an after market option for cars of any type and age.


So what are reversing sensors and how do they work? Reversing sensors are small ultrasonic sensors that are fitted into the rear bumper of the car. When the car is in reverse they will detect any object getting nearer behind the car and give a warning. They are a great way of solving the problem of a car’s blind spot.


Our most popular model is the AVS reversing sensor set with LED display. It has 4 x ultrasonic sensors for the rear bumper plus an LED display that gives you an indication of how far away you are from an object. There is also a buzzer audio warning that escalates the closer the car gets to the object behind it. The sensors can even be colour matched for a factory look finish.


Reversing sensors are the most cost effective way to improve visibility around your car. AVS also offer 6 and 8 sensor kits with parking assist sensors for the front bumper that you simply switch on when needed. Give us a call and get your vehicle booked in today.

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