Digital Designs REDLINE Series Product Review

Digital Designs have just released their NEW Entry-Level REDLINE Series Subwoofers, a lot of you are most likely thinking that Digital Designs has the 500 Series to cover Entry-Level which is true but it makes perfect sense to provide the same quality to a broader range of enthusiasts!

The REDLINE Series are made using the same quality standards as the American-Made Subwoofers, hand-built using the same Digital Designs Audio innovations with the parts tooled to Digital Designs exact specifications to provide you with the same performance expected from Digital Designs at an affordable price-point.

The REDLINE Series Subwoofers are broken into four separate Series, The 200, 500, 600 and 700 Series.

Redline Features:

EROM Surrounds
Cast Aluminum or Steel frame
High Temperature Coils
Chrome Terminals
Laminated Tinsel Leads
Triple Vented Motor
Double stitched surrounds
Wet-look, Non-press cones

Redline 200 Series:

70 oz magnet with bumped back plate, 2″ voice coil, 2 layer spider, 100-300RMS/900 peak, S4

Redline 500 Series:

90 oz double magnet, 2″ voice coil, 2 layer spider, 150-400 RMS/1200 peak, D2 – D4

Redline 600 Series:

130 oz double magnet, 2.5″ voice coil, 3 layer spider, 300-600 RMS/1800 peak, D2 – D4

Redline 700 Series:

225 oz triple magnet, 3.0″ voice coil, 4 layer spider, cast frame, 600-1200 RMS/3600 peak, D2 – D4

Overall The Digital Designs REDLINE Series has a Subwoofer to cater for most people from the average person that just wants some depth to their music, all the way to the ground pounding basshead that runs multiple 15″ Subwoofers.

And now with the affordable price-point no-one has an excuse not to have DD in their car!


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