Digital Designs 9900 Series Hits NZ!

As a lot of you out there would know by now, I am usually ABTEC’s guinea pig when it comes to trying out Digital Designs Subwoofers. I have to admit this is my favourite of my job (if you can call it work when you love what you do) considering not only do I usually get to hear them before anybody else but also get to daily them for some time.

This time I wasn’t the first in New Zealand to hear the NEW Digital Designs 9900 Series, that honour went to Tom Mangu as the photo’s on Digital Designs site are of one of Toms 9918’s!

Tom Mangu has been a major player in the New Zealand Car Audio Scene for quite some time, and in the small amount of time I have been active in it Tom has built some of New Zealand’s most aggressive demo cars/vans.

Tom’s 9918’s weren’t only the first two in New Zealand but also the first two NEW 9918’s made in the world! When Tom found out they had landed in Petone he drove 350+ Kms to pick the 9918’s up personally. I’ve also been getting weekly updates from Tom about how the 9918’s are going and they are getting louder and more aggressive every week, after being told this I really am tempted to take a Saturday off just to drive to New Plymouth to hear them in person!

Leon Smith has only been in the New Zealand Car Audio Scene for a very short time, in this short time he has gone from having a set of mid-range 12″ Subwoofers to what I could say has been one of the most aggressive but clean sounding Subwoofers that I have ever seen or heard!

Leon has been kind enough to let me run-in his 9921 for him while he finishes up a few mods to his car, for this I can not thank him enough too! I must say I have never seen anyone so excited about receiving a Subwoofer in my life! Don’t get me wrong, when I get new Digital Designs stock I’m like a kid at Christmas but Leon danced around and even sat in his Subwoofer Box!


Magnet Weight: 504 oz
Nominal Impedance: D.5, D1
Power Handling: 1200-2500w RMS, 10,000w Peak
Suspension: Composite
Suspension Travel: 80mm
Xmax: 47mm @50%BL
Fs: 34 Hz
QTS: .46
Qes: .50
Qms: 5.15
Shipping Weight: 87 lbs / 39.46 kg
VAS: 161 L
Voice Coil Diameter: 4″ / 10.16 cm
Woofer Diameter: 21″ / 53.34 cm

Ok, after having the DD-9921-D1 in ABTEC3 (Toyota Vitz) for a good couple of days now I’m really liking the sound and how earth shattering the bass is already even with my bass-controller turned down while it has some run-in time. It’s so aggressive that I have officially changed my mind on my personal build and will be running a couple of 9900’s now!


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