Digital Designs DD-512-D4 Subwoofers Hit 154dB!!

Since the last dB Drag Event for the year has just past and we had a slight improvement with our results in ABTEC3 I thought I’d do a little Update…

As a lot of you know or maybe not know (I can’t be to sure if this is or isn’t your first time to read my blogs) we at ABTEC have had a little project of getting Entry Level Sub-Woofers into 150+dB SPL range in our Toyota Vitz RS. It started with some Sony 10″ Sub-Woofers, then some JBL 12″ Sub-Woofers but then we ran with the DD-512-D4’s and to be honest I think we will be running with the little Digital Designs 12″ Sub-Woofers for quite some time too!

As usual I did my setting up of ABTEC3 (Toyota Vitz RS) before hand but this time I decided I’d do my run at the end of the day so this gave me more than enough time to double check everything and to be honest I am glad I did. At the last dB Drag Event I forgot one little thing and feel it cost us about 0.3dB, this might not sound like much but I knew there was more in it so couldn’t help but be slightly¬†disappointed.

While everyone else was giving little demo’s of their car audio set-ups I made sure I ABTEC3 sat in the corner saving all that juice for that one run, you have no idea how hard it was not to give people a demo since one of my favourite things is to sit in ABTEC3 while bass is pumping out from one of my favourite songs!

Finally it was time for my run so I slowly drove ABTEC3 into the workshop and gave it one last quick check just in case something was forgotten, to my surprise the first ‘Burp’ netted a high 153dB so the decision was made to give it a touch more juice and see what the outcome would be… Our personal best for the day was a 154dB flat which now makes ABTEC3¬†officially¬†the second loudest car in NZ in dB Drag and the loudest in NZ without a wall!

While everyone was woo-hoo’ing I kept calm, quiet and went to check on the DD-512-D4’s. I am blown away by these Entry Level 12″ Sub-Woofers and even more now since not only have they got us mental results but when I checked to see if they were warm they were still stone cold!

My hat goes to Digital Designs for building such epic Sub-Woofers and I just want to let you all know I’m even more determined to get higher results with the same 4 DD-512-D4’s!


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