ABTEC dB Drag Soundoff & Sounds Alive Grand Final 2012 Update

Being the end of the year it was time for the ABTEC dB Drag Soundoff & Sounds Alive Grand Final. It had already been an interesting year for the Car-Audio/Sound-Off Scene with people continuing to beat their personal bests and a lot of these people had also been doing some very impressive upgrades to their systems. Which is always good to see since sometimes the smallest of upgrades can make a massive difference.

As competitors turned up Darryl fired up the BBQ and as the next hour went on you could tell everyone had a good feed as we were all moving slightly slower than usual when it came to moving all the cars into the workshop. Aside from all the food our good friend Johnny supplied for the day, it was good to see all the competitors showing their setups to each other and giving little demos to the crowds that soon came to see where all the bass was coming from.

Once everybody had finished demoing there sounds and we had numbered all the cars it was all go and as you can see below a few people got carried away when it came to numbering their cars… Anyway, back to the sound off.

First up was the Kiwi Class Freq Burp’s and I must say even though I prefer the ‘Sounds Alive’ Class more there was some impressive results in the Kiwi Classes with everything from a 134.4dB all the way to a 154dB but the result that impressed me the most was Ashley ‘MAD BASS’ Burrell’s 150dB in ABTEC1 (Mitsubishi Pajero). Anyone that has had a decent look at ABTEC1 would know that it had a DD-9518 running off a DD-M4 (Old Model) with only the standard Pajero battery and no big three

Once the Kiwi Classes were done with it was time for the ‘Sounds Alive’ (Music) Class and as I have said before I prefer the ‘Sounds Alive’ Class since we don’t drive around listening single one off ‘Burps’ everywhere we go.

The song of choice this time round was Sleepless by Excision which accommodated for the cars tuned relatively high and the ground pounders, the car that impressed me on the day in the ‘Sound Alive’ Class was Dave’s Commodore since he had gained a whole dB since the last testing night a week before. Everyone seemed to net some nice results and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in for all of us in the dB Drag scene.

Now for the Results  from the day.

Sounds Alive:

1st: Lance Wilson 148.9
2nd: Dave Moore 148.4
3rd: Ashley Burrell 146.7
4th: Johnny Asiata 145.8
5th: Wayne Toms 143.6
6th: David Williams 143.4
7th: Shane Snow 142.3
8th: Matt Toms 140.1
9th: Nathan Stevens 136.3
10th: Leon Smit 132.8
11th: Chris Findlay 130.6


Kiwi Class:

1st =: Matt Toms 139.3
1st =: Alex Smith 139.3
2nd: Leon Smit 134.4


Kiwi Pro Class:

1st: Wayne Toms 144.5
2nd: Shane Snow 142.3


Kiwi Expert Class:

1st: Scott Bennison 149.7
2nd: David Williams 148.5
3rd: Johnny Asiata 147.3
4th: Paul Voorend 146.0


Kiwi Extreme Class:

1st: Lance Wilson 154.0
2nd: Ashley Burrell 150.0


As usual I’d like to end this update by thanking all the competitors in dB Drag since if it wasn’t for the competitors we wouldn’t have a competition, Ashley ‘MAD BASS’ Burrell for the continuing support in dB Drag and for all the time & effort organising event’s at your own cost. Darryl for continuing to man the BBQ at the events held at our workshop, Johnny for supplying food at the sound off’s especially the Ma Moe! P.T. & Michelle for jolting down the results at the events since us boys try to avoid doing the paper work on the days. Also a massive thank you to all the friends, customers & local businesses that have either put up with or joined in with all the excessive noise and chaos at the ABTEC dB Drag Sound Off’s!


For the Grand Final Official Event Results CLICK HERE

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Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year people! Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all at the 2013 ABTEC dB Drag Sound Off & ‘Sounds Alive’ Events!


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