Uniden VS255XR Car Alarm Product Review

In the economic climate we live in today it is ever so important to have some type of thief deterrent installed in your vehicle, with the economy getting worse the crime rate country wide seems to increase with it. This is where the Uniden VS255XR  Car Alarm comes into play.


  • An Alarm system with automatic dual engine immobilisers
  • Standards Compliant

Rolling Code technology provides 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible combinations that change every time the remote is used, making it virtually impossible for a thief to copy and use.

  • Central Locking Output

When Arming or Disarming your car alarm, the Central Locking Output will activate  the control locking system – locking and unlocking the doors respectively. In some applications extra accessories will be required.

  • Flashing lights

The Car Alarm will flash the parking lights  during full alarm activation and when arming and disarming.

  • Dual Stage Shock Sensor
A two stage Shock Sensor, The first stage (or light shock) causes the alarm to chirp 3 times warning the intruder the vehicle is armed. The second stage (or heavy shock) causes full alarm activation.
Additional Features:
  • Battery back up capability
  • Audible confirmation alarm set/unset
  • DIY Installation
  • Emergency disarm/manual override
  • Engine immobilizer input
  • 3-year extended warranty when installed by an authorised installer
  • Flashing status LED
  • Open door protection
  • Pre-intrusion shock warning
  • Central locking output
  • Flashing lights
  • Tamper indicator
  • Visual alarm set/unset
Some people out there will say not to bother with a non-rated Car Alarm but the way I see it having a non-rated Alarm has to be better than having no alarm at all! And just look at the features that the Uniden VS255XR has for the money you pay for it.

As a company we have been installing these alarms for over ten years and have found they are very reliable and are excellent as a deterrent if you are on a very tight budget.


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