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One of my competitors said to me about 6 months ago.  He would only stock speakers if they had good reviews from the couple of main reviewers.  No reviews means no stocking or even testing.  This struck me as a bit of a naive comment as what a reviewer hears and says and what the end user hears can be quite different.

So I decided to check out some speakers and see how they reviewed.  I chose the Heco Direkt Einklaqng, for a couple of reasons.  The main one was when I looked at the speakers, I judged them on appearance.  A one-way speaker, yes a single-driver.  How can you get any musical quality and range from one speaker? 

This was my through until I visited Heco in Germany and heard these speakers and have to say I was very very impressed with what these speakers where able to do.  But stop, I can’t like these without checking the reviews.  Two minutes later scanning my first review ”bugger”

OUR VERDICT These quirky speakers are charming to look at, but lack musical integrity. A real disappointment

Oh well, that’s it the expert has spoken.  I don’t like the speakers again.  They have been judged by an expert and found lacking.  Feeling quite bad with myself for liking the sound of these speakers I returned to the hotel, back at the hotel with a bourbon in my hand in the bar I started trolling the web again.  What the heck, I found another 9 reviews from other audio experts using words like.





“Overwhelming Fun“

“One-of a-kind“

Ausgezeichnet als “ExpertenEmpfehlung” – Not quite sure what this means but looks positive

All nine were telling me these where great speakers, but how can this be.  The words “A Real Disappointment” flash into my head.  As did the comment “no reviews, means no stocking or even testing”.  I have a different opinion which I ask you my customers to think about. 

1/ I listen to all our store stock and judge if it will appeal to our customers.

2 / I review all the reviews out there, not just the popular one or two.

3/ I stock the item for you to come in and test.   

With the above being my commitment to you I have ordered a set of each of the fantastic Direkt Range.  We will be hosting several open days where we ask you bring in your favourite vinyl or CD, have a coffee and test our new ranges of Germany quality speakers and Electronics.

Dates coming soon..

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