Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Review

Just recently I was very lucky to hear the first pair of Klipsch HP-3 Heritage Over ear headphones.

Even before opening the box I was very impressed! Usually when a set of Headphones arrive they are in a box just big enough to carry the items, however this was not the case with the HP-3’s. The box the Klipsch HP-3’s arrived in was mammoth in comparison with other Headphones we see day-in and day-out, so mammoth that I could sit a AV Receiver in it!

Once I had opened the shipping packaging I was yet again surprised with another box inside that holds yet another box, making unpacking the Klipsch HP-3’s almost like a fun game of pass the parcel. The box inside the Klipsch packaging was another box, inside this box was a sturdy dark lacquered wooden box or chest with draws, at this stage it was like I had finally found a hidden treasure and these Headphones are definitely a beautiful treasure of sorts!

Inside this dark lacquered wooden chest are the Klipsch HP-3 Headphones, but before I start onto them I have to finish ranting on about the wooden chest! The lacquered finish is so beautiful that I would happily have it on display if I didn’t have kids, in saying that I would most likely get a display stand for it in my office or lounge.

The quality doesn’t stop once you open the wooden chest, inside each draw is covered with a supple material making the chest a beautiful display piece on its own!

Now onto the Klipsch HP-3’s themselves!

The design of the Klipsch HP-3 Headphones are nice and simple to the eye, which is something I am a big fan of. With solid feeling ear cups, a nice soft leather headband and ear pads I found them to be very comfortable and could easily use them for long periods of time. Even the polished aluminum finishing strips scream subtle and class but not in your face look at me, look at me!

Now for the specifications!

Specifications: – STYLE Semi-Open Over-Ear

– DRIVER DESIGN Free-Edge Biodynamic








– PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 7.87” (200mm) H x 10.24” (260mm) W x 1.97” (50mm) D

– BOXED DIMENSIONS 12.2” (310mm) H x 14.65 (372mm) W x 5.28” (134mm) D

– PRODUCT WEIGHT .97 lbs. (440g)

– BOXED WEIGHT 10.58 lbs (4.8kg)


– Free-Edge 52mm Bio Dynamic Drivers

– Triple-vented semi-open design

– Solid-wood earcups

– Genuine cowhide headband

– 1.37m and 2.0m removable cables

– Custom 1/4” adapter

– Custom solid-steel stand

– Magnetic removable sheepskin ear cushions


INCLUDES  – Heritage HP-3 Headphones

– 1.37m Cable  – 2.5m Cable

– 1/4” Adaptor

– Headphone Stand

* Note Ebony and Oak will be available by order only

I had a good listen to the Klipsch HP-3’s and soon noticed that a good significant time had passed leaving me a touch behind on some of my work (Ops!). I then listened to the HP-3’s amplified and non-amplified via a mobile device playing all our own choice of music.

When I first heard these headphones I thought they were an amazing set of Headphones. Finally I was listening to a set of Headphones! Since 1982 from my first set of Koss through to today 30+ years later, these Headphones are undoubtedly the best to date! (I will be definitely talking to Santa about a set for me).  I played a whole range of music from classical, jazz, pop, rock, trance even to some of today’s bass boosted music. The main thing I loved about these headphones is the packaging (This goes without saying) and also the travel case and for me what stood was the monstrous cable, they reminded me of Monster Cables for Headphones! It was also cool that they supplied a smaller lead for the phones, however if it could be slightly longer would of been good.

From a construction perspective I found these Headphones to be built to the highest of standards, they very much impressed me as they were absolutely flawless! As for the wearing of them I could easily wear them for hours on end, the most comfortable of all the Headphones I have tried. Now of course I know what you are all thinking, so far I have not told you what they sound like… What a musical experience and the emotional attachment to you and the music being played! Very well balance, attention to detail outstanding with bass that is not under or overstated.

Now the best way to describe these Headphones in a musical opinion to me is like sitting in a room with a pair of $10,000+ speakers with all the individual characteristics and separation all being maintained. One thing I did find with these was when playing music with a raspy voice was that it was like being at the recording studio with the artist while it is being pieced together! These are a well balanced musical experience!

Now, Klipsch also released Heritage a Headphone Amplifier to go along with these HP-3’s and again what an amazing experience that brings to the table…

The bottom line these headphones are my all time favourites and matched with their Heritage Headphone Amp is one awesome package.

5 Stars from me and another great product from the guys at Klipsch!!

Where to buy Klipsch HP-3: https://www.abtec.co.nz/Klipsch_Heritage_HP_3

Where to buy Klipsch HP-3-AMP: https://www.abtec.co.nz/Klipsch_Heritage_Headphone_Amplifier

PS: I did talk to Santa, and to celebrate 25 years of Abtec I now have a pair of these sitting at home waiting for me 🙂

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