Digital Designs Redline 812-D2 Customer Product Review

Jaw dropping is the new 800 redline series brought to us by digital designs.

Let’s start off with the look of the sub, first glance it doesn’t even look like a red line series, the massive 536oz driver and the beast of a 4″ coil, easily viewable by the venting area, makes this sub look nearly identical to a 9900 series, the red stitching on the cone along with the surround makes this one stunning price of art.


The sub out of the box comes with a knock out power output range of 6000watts peak and a massive 2000watts rms and we all know digital designs under rate there gear so you could easily push out more with the right amps and power.

The big question though is the sound, does it sound good? That’s one big fat yes, the 800 series not only sounds amazing but loves the ground pounding lows and will give the 9900 series a run for its money. The 800 series has its own unique sound that separates it form it’s other red line siblings, setting it in a completely different class altogether. If you want to play music that hits all the notes it will do that, if you want to show off to your mates by flexing your doors and shaking the cars next to you, it won’t even be a challenge. This sub was designed for music and to be brutal when needed.


I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants musical or brutal bass drops, and the price range of this monster makes it very affordable for those on a budget as well.

Leon Smith –┬áTeam Gonedeaf


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