Digital Designs DD-LE-M08-D2 Product Review

So some of the people reading this would know that I have a love for the DD-LE-308 since I ran one in my family car for close to two years, so when Ashley ‘Madd Bass’ Burrell told me that Digital Designs had remade the DD-LE-MINI08 I had to be the person to review it!

Since the DD-LE-308 was released there have been two newer generations of the 8″ LE-M Series loaded enclosures, the second generation was the DD-LE-MINI08 and third being the “NEW” DD-LE-M08-D2. However I will get to that very soon!

Out of the box there was a couple of changes that I noticed straight away, one was the twin terminals and the other was the red stitching like the Redline Series. The red stitching is some thing that gets commented about all the time by our customers, everyone seems to love the red stitching and I’ve even had 3500-9500 Series owners ask if we could get the red stitching added to their subwoofers.

Before the Digital Design’s DD-LE-M08-D2 were the DD-LE-MINI08 and DD-LE-308.

The DD-LE-308 was the original of the 8″ DD Enclosures that we had here at ABTEC and to this day I still have the one I purchased for my fiance. The size of the DD-LE-308 was big enough to compete with larger entry level subwoofers, sounded better doing so and still small enough to fit into the smallest of boots.  Based on the DDBox System with a slot-port the DD-LE-308 was 60.96 Cm wide 25.40 Cm deep 24.13 Cm high giving it a very nice response and frequency range. These little powerhouses were one of our the most popular loaded enclosure models with our customers until it was replaced with the DD-LE-MINI08.

When the DD-LE-MINI08 was released I wasn’t so sure about it since it had shrunk about 30% in size compared to the DD-LE-308, this concern was nullified after about 20 hours of playtime in our showroom. To make the DD-LE-MINI08 smaller Digital Designs had changed the port design from a slot port to a round aero port allowing them to squeeze it down to a compact 43.18 Cm wide 26.67 Cm deep 24.13 Cm high, these were not the only changes though as I’ve had both drivers out of their enclosures and even though the magnets are still the same weight they look almost completely different due to a slight change on the soft parts and baskets. Again the DD-LE-MINI08 became a new favorite with our customers… Now onto the DD-LE-M08-D2.

We have only had the DD-LE-M08-D2 running in our showroom for about two weeks now but the reactions from customers and friends alike have been pretty much the same, everyone finds it hard to believe that such a small sub enclosure can put out such full clean sound! The changes may seem very subtle however they are changes that allow the DD-LE-M08-D2 to be a lot more versatile, adding a dual 2 ohm 8″ subwoofer and twin terminals allows you to run the DD-LE-M08-D2 at either 1 or 4 ohm’s. The overall dimensions have changed very slightly to 43.82 Cm wide 26.67 Cm deep 24.13 Cm high, if this has made any difference to the overall sound or not I can not be sure though. I am very curious to take the driver out to compare to the older drivers in the DD-LE-308 and DD-LE-MINI08 however I don’t think Ashley ‘Madd Bass’ Burrell would be to impressed if I was to dissemble a brand new product.


  • Impedance: Dual 2 ohm
  • Shipping Weight: 29 lbs/13.15 kg
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 2″/5.08cm
  • Woofer Diameter: 8″/20.32cm
  • Dimensions – Metric: 43.82cm x 26.67cm x 24.13cm
  • Power Handling (RMS/Peak): 250/500

Pros: Well what can I say…

  • Big sound from a small sub.
  • Will fit in almost any car.
  • Can be run at 1 or 4 ohm’s
  • Very affordable
  • Very efficient


  • Doesn’t come in MINI-Z model 😉

Overall if you are after a very clean sounding loaded enclosure for your daily driver or family car the DD-LE-M08-D2 will meet all the bass needs for the average person, its small footprint will allow you still to have boot space and will even fit behind some seats in two door cars. Digital Designs have yet again improved on an product which I believe was almost perfect at its price point and size and this R & D on the DD-LE loaded enclosures are makes me confident that they will continue to be a customer favorite.


Lance ‘Captain Z’ Wilson


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