Alpine CDE-133EBT Product Review

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Alpine is the old Lamborghini posters of the mid 80’s, in some ways they are just like a Lamborghini with their sleek looks, easy to use controls and raw but beautiful power.

They have never made dramatic changes to the way they look and has always had that sound quality that you would expect from a company that used Lambo’s to advertise their head units!

The CDE-133EBT is Alpine’s most advanced Bluetooth head unit, featuring all-new Bluetooth hardware for seamless connection to many of the very latest Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The CDE-133EBT also supports Bluetooth audio streaming with song tag information displayed on the screen. What’s more, the CDE-133EBT displays the phones battery level and signal strength. Plus, future Bluetooth firmware updates can be easily carried out via CD and USB.

This superb head unit delivers comprehensive sound tuning capabilities including a 3-Band Parametric EQ, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter and Source Tone Memory. The CDE-133EBT is also equipped with a front USB input for iPod/iPhone or USB memory and a 3.5mm Auxiliary input for portable music players.

For greater usability the CDE-133EBT features direct iPod control mode to allow passengers to use the iPod interface for direct iPod operation.

My favourite features has to be the built-in Bluetooth hands-free Parrot kit and that it is Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready*. Which allows you to replace the factory-installed head unit without loss of this convenient option.

*Alpine head units that are steering wheel remote control ready allow you to control your head unit right from your factory installed steering wheel controls using an Alpine Steering Wheel adapter. Even tho this option is an extra I would be inclined to buy it just to make make my driving experience that much more safer and lets admit it, who wants to be looking at the head unit  to change songs when driving.

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